The Washington Post Comes to Town

There's a lot you should know about me. Maybe you'll learn more as this PAC comes to life. But one thing I love to do is to put onto screen streams of consciousness and call them "blog posts." Another thing I adore and have adored since I first discovered reading is the Washington Post. The Post has been my go-to source for reporting and analysis (and comics) since I was 8.

Determined to make it worthwhile to have Olivia Beltran bring her Marin Rapid Response Network legal observer training, I paid some of my hard-earned Soros money promoting the event via Russian-bought-and-paid-for Facebook. As I was minutes away from going in for some biopsies Thursday, the morning of the event, I got this text from Olivia:

There is a reporter from the Washington Post that would like to come this evening to the Legal Observer training, what do you think about this? She would like to write an article and said if people do not want to be featured, it would be okay, but if there would be others that would and willing to be photographed, she would like to show the people.

How do you get through a 90-minute ultrasound-guided biopsy? When you find out THE WASHINGTON POST is coming to the event you arranged? You just float on a cushion of hope.

"#FearNothing" my shirt says. I'm here to protect the fearful and make more people fearless.

The Washington Post story is here.