Blog Post, the First

On November 9, 2016, I made a decision: nothing but Bruce Springsteen would play on my Jeep's stereo. Ever. No more news stories from KCBS-AM or KQED-FM. No more NPR. No more Armstrong & Getty, for goodness sake, on KGO-AM. No news would cross the barrier into my solitude. Bruce. Lots of Bruce. And sorrow. Lots of sorrow. And anger, an anger at a level I'm not sure I've felt more than once or twice before.

It's been more than a year. Bruce remains my sole companion wherever my Jeep or feet take me. Sorrow still there? Check. Anger? Oh, yeah! But lots more here now, too. Resolve. Determination. Anger Camaraderie. Activism. Anger.

A calling.

A rising.


I am going to make a difference. WE are going to make a difference. Together, we stand. United, we stand. Novato stands united.